Always the man has looked for places in which revitalize his body and spirit as springs, sources, caves, holy woods or gardens.

Today the modern scientific research has discovered and spread some methods to resume ancient thinking.

One of these has started to explain as the green is not only an aesthetic need for the man, but t is a good resource of well-being (Healing Gardens) and of care (Therapeutic Gardens) to check the stress, the anxiety and the depression, but also the pulling down of pollution substances , the reduction of noises and the bio-climatic and microclimatic action of the places.

Beginning from supplied studies and experiences by Ulrich 1979, Francis and Cooper Marcus 1992, Brannon 1997, Larsen Et Al 1998 and others, I try to extend the field of action measuring with values and indicators used in the allopathic medicine, to understand how the green feels good.

This kind of research has not the same economic investments of the classic medicine, but I do not give it up!

So, also just a short little book or interview are a good help to spread and create a cultural well-being, we all need it.



Marilena Baggio Emilio Minelli, “Discovering your supporter plant – Keep at home that adapter your nature. So you can remove the illnesses” Riza Scienze n. 197, October 2004

This book is a small paper to the scientific publishing in accordance with the Centre of Research of Medical Bioclimatology, Biotechnologies and Natural Medicine – WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine, University of Milan and it’s concerning to the green therapeutic potentiality  as cure against the stress.

Emilio Minelli and I tried to share practices at first glance distant, as botany with Chinese Traditional Medicine and the landscape with the environmental psychology, using as “file rouge” the analogy and building a method, which becomes a real therapeutic model.

Beginning from the idea of traditional medicine to divide humans in 5 groups (5 natures) it is arrived through the Healing Gardens method to define which plants give well-being to each group.

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio