Aida How Green You Are is the Social Housing Project selected by housing Contest List advertised by Municipality of Milan. . The team was made up of professionals engaged in the design and research in the field of sustainable architecture and green architecture.

For the first time the green has played an important role not only for the detection of polluting substances, noise reduction or for the bio-climatic regulation, but is getting become a social politic and a therapy against anxiety and depression for those who live in urban places.

3 were the types of green studied with various species of bushes, shrubs and trees to an “ecological” house: public green, (sharing with the city) the town green (sociability among the condons) and the private green (privacy). For example for a town the green bush for the equipped spaces is the Laurus nobilis, while the privacy gardens fences is the Ligustrum ovalifolium.

The building oriented east-west has got at the Ground Floor some private gardens wheras at the other floors there is some green roof.

All species belong to the Milan environmental heritage, resist to the temperatures and to the climatic changes, they are selected for the shadow or sun areas and need a low management.



Data sheet

Progetto: Aida Comeseiverde

Luogo: Milano

Committente: Bando di concorso Housing Sociale Comune di Milano, ANCE

Collaboratori: Wolf, Vitali SpA, Goldmann & Partners, Bioerre, Europroject, Cervellieri, Crozza

Cronologia: 2011

Superficie: m2 5.611 Classe A+ edificio; verde m2 3.000

Premio: progetto selezionato + menzione speciale¬†Concorso Nazionale “Energia sostenibile nelle citt√†” 2011 Ministero Ambiente e INU

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio