A “linear park” is an ecological passageway, a genuine green infrastructure, a part of the green system of the city of Sofia. This complex organism ismade up of three macro-elements: green areas, green lines and green points.
The linear park is structurd on an axis fron the outskirts all the way to the city centre through a “green belt”, and is based on 4 diferent systems: the building system, the water, the green and the infrastructures.
Within the park, cycle paths are considered a priority over other vehicle use, and so is the east-west axis in relation with north-south paths running on different levels, such as the city plan and the underground lines.
This stands for a sort of musical score palinsest, in which people’s movement intercepts the functions of the buildings overlooking the park, and interacts with the different shades of green, offering the beholder varying viewpoints, within the ever changing morphology of the place.

Data sheet

Progetto: The linear park

Luogo: Sofia

Committente: Europan 5

Collaboratori: Antonio Gonella, Margarita Kroucharska

Cronologia:  1998

Superficie: km 1

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio