Val Masino

All travellers, who stay in Morbegno, should spend some hours in the Val Masino valley. A clean creek rich of trout sounds along the rocky bottom of the valley; traces of ice age are evident on the rounded surface of the rocks… we were all in agreement that there isn’t any known valley, that exceeds the Val Masino in natural variety and beauty.” S.E. Kennedy First Disgrazia’s climber


Val Masino is a land of legends and big hiking events. An old beech forest, a hot spring 400 ‘, the creek Masino are the ingredients of this project marked by the rhythm of a chant written for the occasion, “The Lady of the Source.” Steps, stone and sounds, three words, simple and ‘sound’ of a journey in stages made from stone and wood works from corten artists who represented the fundamental themes of the valley. For example: geology with Menir, vegetation with tree Beech wise, reptiles with the bench – salamander or the source with the sculpture of the Lady of the Fountain.


Data Sheet

Progetto: La Val Masino: il gioco dei silenzi e dei suoni  – PASSI SASSI SUONI

Luogo: Località bagni di Masino, Comune Val Masino,  (SO), area SIC

Committente: Ente Regionale per i Servizi all’Agricoltura e alle Foreste (ERSAF)

Collaboratori: Monica Brenga designer ambientale, Mariagrazia Rocchetti comunicazione, opere in ferro Lorenzo Martinoli, strumenti musicali Carlo Morelli

Cronologia:   2011  progetto definitivo-esecutivo

Superficie:   mq 20.000

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio