The Unipol tower is the last building that will be erected in in the Porta Nuova area, but it is the first one that overlooks Via M. Gioia.
“A sail in wood, steel and glass detaches from the body of the building, to embrace the surrounding environment, thus creating a covered square where inside and outside, private and public blend beautifully.”
The tower has a system of green suspended spaces because of the different internal levels and it looks like a great covered winter garden, but open onto the city, from the ground up to the roofing.
Coherently with the urban vocation of the area, the external greenery hints at the theme of the spectacular stairway, guiding the walker’s steps with a series of green flowerpot scenes at different heights, thus breaking the continuity of the long staircase.
This is the gateway from the of heavy traffic street up to the axis of Porta Nuova, and at the same time to the “Biblioteca degli Alberi” theme park.
About the internal green, the cultural paradigm is Dante’s “Trilogia dei Canti”, with level +1 standing for PARADISE, levels +19-21 representing PURGATORY and levels +22-23 symbolizing INFERNO, with the big greenhouse.
This vision arose from the idea of meeting the technical requirements of green development within a glass structure, in order to get the visitor and beholder to fully enjoy a working space that conveys well-being, surrounded by a green area that, in addition to its aesthetic function, is also a regulator and an oxygenator of the internal temperature.

Data sheet

Progetto: New directional center Unipol

Luogo: Milano

Committente: Unipol s.p.a.

Collaboratori: MC A (Mario Cucinella Architects s.r.l.) progetto architettonico e interior design, Studio Tecnico Majowiechi progetto strutturale, Deerns progetto impiantistico

Cronologia:  in progress

Superficie: mq 1.300

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio