Mortara (PV)

“…Sometimes happens… that nothingness will turn into a crystal clear landscape,…this happens especially in Spring, when the sky is as blue as the water of paddy fields which reflect him…” La chimera of Sebastiano Vassalli


The theme is the project of recovery of outdoor spaces of Moro’s Palace as well a of communication of the rice as landscape, color and sign of Lomellina.

This logo tells the dynamism of the activities of an ancient civilization full of history, art and economy of which Moro’s Palace is the memory. The square is the pulse centre, adaptation, spread, of basic stability and of milestone.

In the courtyard area we want to remember rice landscape as the focus of the communication of the whole building. Little lights in the flooring sign the traces of the fields, which start from a main central canal made of led light which finishes on the cobbled stone (rice grains). The row of the trees is made by a flowerpot coated in aluminium coloured with wood bench having inside a 5 Carpinus betulus pyramidalis, the number 5, because in line with the Celtic thought, represents the magic square while for the Latin people represents the following phrases: “Sator arepo tenent opera rotas” (the farmer leads the works with the plow).

An outdoor on the south side is covered by a painted iron pergola, covered with curtains and Rhyncospermum jasminoides in yellow enamelled pots, whereas at the opposite side some panels curtains with written and landscapes close the cloister giving privacy to the activities of internal conferences at Palazzo.

Data sheet

Progetto: Progettazione spazi esterni e progetto comunicazione Museo dell’Acqua e del Riso

Luogo: Mortara (PV)

Committente: Associazione non profit “Leonardo”

Collaboratori: Mariagrazia Rocchetti art director comunicazione

Cronologia: 2009 progetto definitivo-esecutivo

Superficie:   mq 300

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio