Brignano Gera D’Adda (MB)

The Childhood Center takes place in an urban and architectural contest, full of preexistences spectacular at the south of the historic area in the Brignano Gera d’Adda. The project is an urban, architectonic and landscape development and is made by 2 areas: Childhood Center and Park.

The Childhood Center is not only a Nursery School but it is the FULCRUM around which articulate the public and private green spaces. Its green area of 4.000 m2 is divided into 4 zones: 1) Hospitality, 2) Training, 3) Leisure, 4) Nursery. The Snakes and Ladders is the file rouge that with its boxes tell you where you are and what you must do. It crosses the 5 training gardens: lost paths, perfumes, butterflies, sounds and fruits. It ends in the Maze of Thoughts, made in  Acer campestre.

The Park was founded from the modern re-interpretation of Palazzo Visconti’s historic eighteenth-century garden of Bregnano Gera D’Adda. The focus is to create a contemporary park discovering the park as the “Theatre of Memory” and using some species typical of  the Garden of Wonders of Delight Villas, forests of Quercus species of trees, shrubs and ground cover.

Data Sheet

Progetto: Nuovo Polo d’Infanzia

Luogo:  Brignano Gera D’Adda (MB)

Committente: Comune di Brignano Gera d’Adda

Collaboratori: Studio Antonio Gonella architetto

Cronologia: 2010

Superficie: mq 6.500

Premio: menzione speciale parte paesaggistica

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio