Ospedale Ca’ Granda Niguarda, Milano

This project was born from the realization of Spazio Vita Multi Center, to support about 140 patients per year and 400 outpatients of the Unipolar Spinal Unit Ca’ Granda Hospital in Milan. The whole project has been realized with the sole support of sponsor. There are many activities as art, music, informatics, sport, horticulture to help people to work on their remaining abilities.

The Garden life is collocated on an abandoned area close to the Center “Spazio Vita”. It is a place open to the local community of the Hospital and to the outside community of the Niguarda District, for Hospitality, Rehabilitation, Socialization and Well-Being.

The Life Garden is made of 2 areas: a garden with 8 beautiful Celsis australis, where the guests can walk, meditate, meet, rest and there is an area for social activities with a big white pergola for the events and also a space for the cultivation of flowers/vegetables. The planters high for adults and kids paraplegics and quadriplegic have been planned with the help of patients. The path has been realized with a pavement in i.idro DRAIN, while the bushes have different shapes, colours and perfumes are cultivated on big surfaces to help the orientation.

The project “Cultivate health” financed by Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo, has helped the first group of 15 patients to make an experience of horticulture, making them expert gardeners, trainers for other patients inside the Unipolar Spinal Unit.

Data sheet

Progetto: Garden Life

Luogo: Hospital Ca’ Granda Niguarda (MI)

Committente: Associazione Unità Spinale Niguarda e ASBIN Associazione Spina Bifida Niguarda

Collaboratori: Presidente Centro Polifunzionale Spazio Vita dott. Giovanna Oliva, assistente sociale  Franca Tagliabue

Cronologia: 2015 giugno inaugurazione

Superficie: mq 2.000

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio