Segrate (MI)

The new IRCCS Urgency Surgery Center will be built inside the San Raffaele Hospital, on a presently neglected central spot. In this private and special urban environment, the reclamation of a green area becomes utterly strategic, not only to ensure greater welfare for both operators and patients, but also to make the user perceive green as a an instrument of communication and orientation, at different internal /external levels of the building, and at different distances. Moreover, the new cathedral of surgery has allowed the establishment of new 36 trees, excluding large shrubs. They are, ground floor: Acer campestre ‘Elsrijk’ (secondary road), Populus alba ‘Pyramidalis’ (via Olgettina), Prunus serrulata ‘Kanzan’, Viburnum rhytidophillum (university garden). First floor: Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Davidia involucrate (hill), Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Cornus Kousa, Amelanchier canadensis (belvedere)

Data sheet

Progetto: New urgency surgical center
Luogo: Segrate (MI)

Committente: gruppo ospedaliero San Donato

Collaboratori: MC A (Mario Cucinella Architects s.r.l.) progetto architettonico

Cronologia:  in progress

Superficie: mq 2.700

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio