The Guastalla Nest project is an open and flexible space for 120 children aged 0-3 years old, rebuilding on the destroyed area by earthwake of 6th May 2012. The symbol goes to a wood inhabited by a small animal which is represented in a sensory teaching path planimetry.

The path starts from the main entrance and goes through several classrooms. “Butterflies Garden” (SIGHT), goes beyond the “ Sound Garden” (HEARING), meets the “Perfumes Garden” (SMELL), arrives to the “Corner of Wolverine” (TASTE) until it reaches from inside the “Pollicino’s Path” (TOUCH). The green indicates the alternation of full/empty with the different species and trees largeness.

The building is made of 50 laminated wood frames Picea Abies, it recalls an open wood. The bearing structures is made of a safe material ideal for keeping the thermal insulation of the building.The high insulation, the optimal distribution of transparent surfaces, the use of state of the art systems for the recovery of rainwater and the insertion in the cover of a photovoltaic system, will allow to reduce to a minimum the use of mechanical systems to meet the energy needs of the building.

Data sheet

Progetto:   Nido d’Infanzia a Guastalla, gara di evidenza pubblica appalto integrato progetto vincitore

Luogo:    Guastalla

Committente: Comune di Guastalla (MO)

Collaboratori:  MC A (Mario Cucinella Architects s.r.l.) progetto architettonico e interior design, Geoequipe Studio Tecnico Associato + Rubner Holzbau SpA strutture,

Cronologia:   2015 inaugurazione

Superficie:   mq 1.500

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio