Loutraki, Corinto (GR)

The Water Park is located in the town of Loutraki, known nearby the  Greek spa town in Corinth, a place of rehabilitation and relaxation for patients of two young Greek doctors.

Here they have recovered a private area of 12 hectares through a initiatory path of care and regeneration with the fresh and salt water and with the green as aesthetic, curative and productive value.

The species of trees and shrubs have been chosen to ensure safe, environmental protection, resistance at the climate and micro-clime of Mediterranean marquis of this Greek area and they are selected in accordance  to their own cultural and symbolic meaning.

The green areas are divided in: 1) monumental trees like architectonic columns; 2) hedges/bushes pruned and not pruned to hide some views and to fence the whole  area; 3) aromatic and curative bushes plant like a Land Art Landscape; 4) ancient fruit trees to locate the principal entrance of the area; 5) resistant and recovered olive trees for the oil production.

The Well-being area are different zones with 1) swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bath salt and solarium; 2) relax into the hill, with massage rooms and shower hot and cold vapours, covered by scented climbing plants; 3) food with glulam, straw and stone gazebo.

Some species:  Stachis lanata, Punica granatum, Lavandula angustifolia e Lavandula stoechas, Passiflora caerulea, Foeniculum vulgare for the spa area, while for the representation area were: Jasminum sambac, Pistacia lentiscus, Poncirus, Plumbago capensis.

Data sheet

Progetto: Il Parco delle Acque

Luogo:   Loutraki, Corinto (GR)

Committente: privato

Collaboratori: Nicola Gallinaro forestaleVirgilio Piatti botanico, Alessandro Bertoletti ingegnere ambientale,

Cronologia:   2008 progetto definitivo-esecutivo

Superficie:   mq 12.000

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio