Inveruno (MI)

A garden of about 1,500 square meters inside a private villa for a family with 4 small children has been designed North east of Milan. The customer's request was to have a garden that can be used by children, representative but low maintenance. A simple plant scheme has been studied, an easily accessible space in every area of ​​the house with a variety of shrubs, carvings and hedges in different hues of color, flowers and heights that increase the perception of space and with a few trees of a certain scenic effect, either hiding or highlighting views and entrances. A particular attention has been paid to native and non-toxic species which are resistant to children’s
careless touch, to temperatures in the area, but also to climate change and possible diseases. This is an inner patio open to the sky, a hidden court for relaxation, where all the rooms overlook, enriched by strawberry trees, Agapanthus and ferns.

Data sheet

Progetto: Wellness garden

Luogo: Inveruno (MI)

Committente: private

Collaboratori: Studio Goldmann & partners architectural project

Cronologia:  2016

Superficie: mq 1200

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio