Marilena Baggio


My name is Marilena Baggio;  I am an architect, I degreed at the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1988.
I am an expert in welling architecture and healing gardens.

My love for gardens was born when I discovered that each architecture in the time it is destined to delay the time, while for the gardens the passing of the time is not fall or decline but pleasure.

Therefore, I have started to design gardens.

However, since the meeting with a doctor expert in Natural Medicine, I concentrated my interest in healing green areas, collaborated with Center Research in Bioclimatology and Natural Medicines, Collaborating Center of WHO and teaching at the Faculty of Medicine of Universities of Studies of Milan since 2003.

This complex job involves different professional figures like botanic, forestry expert, agronomist, environmental engineer, doctors expert in psychosomatic and in natural medicine, chemist, biotechnologist, sociologist, expert in communication and economist.
It’s an experience shared among these worlds and roles that I hope could help to fulfil an environmental to “taylor made projects”.

I held stages, international meetings as speaker or lecture, expert in Healing Gardens and well-being Architecture; I organize workshops, meetings directed towards the environmental cultural and philosophical improving and recovery of the landscape because I believe in the scientific and cultural spreading about these themes.

The best satisfaction is to hear someone telling me :” Here, in this place, I feel at home!” like kid Knut in the Tarji Versaa’s Norvegian tale “The last to come back home”.

Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio