GREENCURE is a green experimentation and scientific research laboratory that considers the environment as care in accordance with the holistic thinking.

As a matter of fact it is showed that the environment affects deeps on own well-being or badness in which people live, and then the green is not only an aesthetic need, but it is a good source of well-being and health to improve a no stress action.

GREENCURE is a name which leads the meaning of expected plan, design healing and, more exactly, cultural places of well-being.

The gardens, called Healing Gardens or Therapeutic Gardens and, in the widest meaning of the word Therapeutic landscape, are trusty ally against ills of our modern times, helping us to cultivate the sense of beauty and being in the mutual respect, in a life of incessant change.

Making these places, that the ancients called the God’s Houses, is a challenge like the recovering of a landscape than the making of floral composition into a single pot.
You don’t need to think something new, but you need to make newly alive something very ancient, because the landscape architecture, but in general all architecture, comes back being a kind of communication among fellows and the place around them and therefore we must think about a poetical living habitat

The project here showed has roots in the botanic, in the landscape, and in the bio-architecture without forgetting the help of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, of the Monastery Medicine and of the behavioral psychology. They are examples of experimentation of different topics, which deeply stimulate reflections and studies.

GREENCURE has keywords as knowledge, identity, storytelling, design, character, which involve each other and GREENCURE wants to involve people interested in debating and collaborating…
Everyone is welcome!


Marilena Baggio

Marilena Baggio