Museo Rovati’s Green Salon

In Corso Venezia #52, there is a historical building with an austere facade overlooking a small green area hidden behind high walls and closed on three isdes. The garden is the city’s living room: a simple and refined pocket garden that adds value to the existing greenery and to the greenhouse. The latter hosts a Winter Garden enjoyable also during the cold months, when the light inundates the tree branches and gives colour to the lawn, defining a space for reading and relaxation. The Salotto Verde in the Rovati Museum carries the charm of the Milanese gardens concealed from public view. The garden is a space to host debates, and events or simply a place of leisure and relaxation in complete tranquillity and security, just like the London squares or Paley Park in New York. The selected vegetal species belong to the botanical heritage of the historical Milanese gardens. The garden was specially conceived with in mind the coloration and blooming throughout the changing seasons. Preferring white tones for the Spring/Summer months, and red tones for the shrub and ground layer during Fall and Winter. A backdrop with five monumental beech trees captures the eye from the entrance hall; from the forestage of the dehors, it is possible o enjoy the full extent of the garden. Slight circular movements on the ground, also called green domes, underline the presence of the hypogeum of the Etruscan Museum. The domes have been aligned and sized in harmony with the space of the green lawn, away from the entryway paving, and properly distanced between each other in order to avoid water stagnations and to achieve an even revegetation of the whole area.

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