MoLeCoLa – Mobility Learning Community Lab: reinventing Bovisa Hub as an integrated district: sustainable and smart

MoLeCoLa – Mobility Learning Community Lab is a project that aims at reinventing the Bovisa hub as an integrated and sustainable district, an incubator for ideas. MoLeCoLa is the winning project of the C40 Reinventing Cities grant for the Bosiva Hub, which concerns an abandoned area in close proximity to the Trenord railway station, involving the Campus di Milano Bovisa of the Politecnico di Milano and the Bovisa district.
The masterplan identifies in the new urban landscape of the Bovisa Hub the reinvigorating power to repair, transform and redefine spaces in which sharing memories, rebuilding traces, creating harmony and proportion between an existing and partially neglected building and the need for green spaces in the Milanese district.
MoLeCoLa created an “idea incubator” district that grounds its functional mixité on three fundamental principles: dwelling, production, and interaction. Residences, student halls, businesses, coworking spaces, and the headquarters of Ferrovie Nord are all part of a plan integrated with the design of the upblic space, rich in greenery and outdoor amenities. Reimagined as such, the landscape addresses the goal for zero-emissions of CO2 by 2050.
Roughly 60% of MoLeCoLa’s surface will have a permeable soil and solutions that respond to the principle of climate resilience. The respect towards plants’ development, the backgrounds of the vegetation masses, the free shape of the shrubs and the buildings’ orientation will grant thermal comfort, reducingt he urban heat island. Green spaces will find their way within the volumes, becoming integral part of the buildings: bioclimatic greenhouses, terraces and rooftops as farming spaces ,livable community areas able to mitigate and calibrate the climatic comfort of the indoor spaces.

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