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GREENCURE landscape & healing gardens is a laboratory that focuses on green experimentation, scientific research, and development, looking at the environment in which we live according to a holistic vision.


Born in 2014 in the heart of the Maggiolina dsitrict, in Milan GREENCURE is shaped by the idea that, for the architecture of gardens, the passing of time is not synonymous with ruin or decay, as it is for other types of architecture, but with enjoyment.

Since the dawn of time, men have been looking for spaces in which to regenerate. Therefore, it is not necessary to think of something new, but to revive something ancient so that architecture can return to be a channel of communication between people and the place that surrounds them, the tool to ensure a form of ‘poetic living’.

The design of therapeutic and healing gardens gave birth to the interdisciplinary team of GREENCURE. It is an international endeavor that collaborates in a dialogical and synergistic relationship with world-renowned studios, among them MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, Gianluca Peluffo & Partners, Rudy Ricciotti, MAD Architects, Milan Ingegneria, BMS Progetti S.r.l., Park Associati, Bolles+Wilson Architects, Alvisi Kirimoto Architects, ETS S.p.A., Consorzio Mythos, Design International. ETS S.p.A., Consorzio Mythos, Design International and more

There is no CARE in a place without CULTURE and CULTIVATION.

The name GREENCURE contains the sense of an awaited project, a curative design, a place of culture and well-being, with a vision that looks at the future in order to improve the present. Gardens, historically identified as the “Abode of the Gods”, are a trusted ally against the evils of the modern era. They help cultivate beauty, a sense of care, and mutual respect, within a society in constant becoming.

Every place, like every person, expresses its energy. As the geomancer or the dowser sense vibrations and channel them for a purpose, or as the acupuncturist stimulates certain points of the body to restore balance, the landscape architect must be able to identify the strategic places of the body-city, the “meridians of the territory”, which release energy to take care of the places in which we live.

The ambition is to show how green spaces, even in a small size, are a source of inspiration, harmony, and lightness.


Marilena Baggio

Architect – Founder

Architect, landscape architect, expert in wellness architecture and therapeutic green spaces.

In 1987 she graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. In 1995 she pursued a Master in Landscape Architecture offered by the Faculty of Agriculture in Piacenza and the Fondazione Minoprio. In addition, in 2020 she obtained an Executive Master in Communication of Territorial Identities from IULM Milano.

The passion for landscape architecture stems from the awareness that green spaces are not affected by the wear and tear of time but, with and over time they express their permanent and changing nature.

From 1992 to 2022 she worked for the Regione Lombardia as a manager and expert in the fields of analysis and evaluation of processes and projects concerning landscape and the environment She worked as project leader for European programs, participating, also as a team leader, in several multidisciplinary working groups.

Building a landscape means encouraging the ‘construction’ of relationships between people and the environment There is no landscape without bonds. There is no architecture without conversation, community, participation, and social maintenance.

Her interest in the world of Natural Medicine led her to get involved with the creation of therapeutic green spaces. Her interest in the world of Natural Medicine led her to get involved with the creation of therapeutic green spaces. From 2003 to 2011 she was a lecturer in the Specialisation Courses for the Students of the College of Medicine
and for the Centre of Medical Bioclimatology and Natural Medicine (WHO Collaborating Centre) of the Università di Milano

It has been proven that the environment profoundly affects collective well-being. Therefore, green spaces are not only an aesthetic requirement but also a useful source of health and harmony in which to find a personal balance

Marilena Baggio is a speaker and coordinator for various national and international conferences and a columnist for architecture and landscape magazines. She carries out exciting research and design work in various fields. In 2014 she founded GREENCURE landscape & healing gardens: an innovative and experiential architecture studio, operating on a territorial and urban scale, for outdoor and indoor spaces. The studio considers landscapes as indissolubly bound with the environment, history, art, education, and health. Its focus is on places of care and childhood, urban and industrial areas, critical and degraded environmental areas, rural and agricultural landscapes, social housing and work environments, municipal green areas, gardens, and historic parks.

– Gaia Pozzi – Landscape Architect
– Giacomo Quattrocolo Architect
– Filippo Carvetta Landscaper BIM specialist
– Cassi Ranaivoson Landscaper
– Arjola Miraka Engineer- Architect
– Virgilio Piatti – Agronomist
– Luca Sandrini Architect
– Leila Caramanico Communication Specialist


Nicola Gallinaro – Agronimist e Forestry | Alessandro Pestolazza – Arborist | Massimo Buongiorno – Economist | Pietro Zanella – Biotechnologist | Matteo Masiero – Social Media Manager | Antonio Gonella- Architect


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