New Headquarter of the Sicilian Region

Sicily is the island of the wind! The design idea is that wind shapes thep ark of the new Centro Direzionale of the Regione Sicilia in fluid forms, generating a contemporary location that expresses the manifold tradition of the Sicilian garden

in Sicily, over the centuries, the human has learned to adapt himself and to exploit the strength of the wind as a resource as well as the temperate climate has permits the creations of Eden even when Scirocco blewn
The entire area represents the institutional, autonomous, and complex power that has made the hisotry of Sicily. It is located in a peri-urban context with degraded green areas, close to the railway station. The park implements the city’s environmental quality with its urban vocation by enhancing a complex of diversified and integrated green public spaces.

The entire park has been designed as a green space dedicated to pedestrians but also was perceived according to different points of view. is in fact the green living room of this part of the city, accessible in all seasons. The density of the species of the arboreal level creates a large shaded area providing relief from the heat and protection from the wind
The park is structured in bicycle and pedestrian paths that follow the different altimetry, also favoring walking for people with reduced mobility.
“Green rooms”, called Belvedere, overlook the paths, and bear the names of the dominant plants on site:
the Palms Belvedere, the Ficus Belvedere and the Eucalyptus Belvedere. Other rooms are the Agrumeto Matematico (Mathematical Citrus Grove), the Teatro Naturale (Natural Theatre), the Playground and the Giardino del Vento (Wind Garden).
The park is accessible from two entryways: from Via Ugo La Malfa and from the train station on the entrance floor of the basement of the building

In the park, water acquires different shapes and uses: water tanks in the Agrumeto Matematico, water features with gushes on the pavement of the Giardino del Vento, or bio-retention structures in the Rain Gardens.

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35 000 m sq

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